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The Enemy is Growing in Number, Severity, and Lethality.


In 2014 an average of nearly 200 people were killed or injured each day as a result of terrorist acts.

Terrorist Attacks (2014 Daily Average)

Fatalities (2014 Daily Average)

Injuries (2014 Daily Average)

Kidnappings/Hostages Taken (2014 Daily Average)

The Threats Continue to Grow

From 2013 to 2014 terrorist attacks have increased by 35%, fatalities as a result of those attacks have increased by 81%, while the new horizon of terrorism – cyber-attack – has increased by 48%.

  • Increase in Fatalities from Terrorist Attacks 81%
  • Increase in Cyber-Attacks 48%
  • Increase in Terrorist Attacks 35%

In addition to a spike in the number of attacks, terrorists are becoming more effective and more lethal at an alarming rate.

Terrorist Organizations continue to diversify their weapon systems and targets. From single operators to large-scale attacks, terrorists are becoming more sophisticated and capable in their modes of engagement. This is particularly true in the previously largely nation-state level operational areas of financial destabilization, cyber-attacks, and the use or stockpiling of chemical/biological/radiological/nuclear and explosive devices.


Financial Market Destabilization

Critical Infrastructure Attacks

Domestic Radicalization

Radical Ideology

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives

Nation-State Level Terrorism

Insider Threats

Growing Terrorist Networks



The Counterterrorism Institute was established to respond to this ever-growing threat by educating and empowering this and future generations of counterterrorism professionals.

Our enemies are committed to eradicating our way of life through violence, hatred, and radicalization. We must take every necessary step to prevent their success. From building awareness in the general public, to providing purpose-built educational programs, scholarly publications, targeted research, and a wide array of resources for professionals, scholars, and school-aged children, the Counterterrorism institute stands ready to accomplish its mission and make the world a safer place.

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