Terrorism Awareness Program (TAP)


TAPOne need not look far to see that school children are at increasingly high risk of being the victims of violence. From school shootings, to terrorist organizations specifically targeting schools, the risk of serious injury or death is worth addressing.

The Counterterrorism Institute, Inc. will work with leading experts in school administration, security, and risk management to develop the Terrorism Awareness Program, or TAP, to provide much-needed education and familiarization to school-aged children and their parents, guardians, and teachers.

TAP will address the risk of terrorism through ready to present classroom modules and/or home-study online courseware. Much like the Drug Awareness Resistance Education (DARE) Program of the 1980s, TAP will provide an overarching view of the associated risks and response strategies in an easy to understand and well-tailored curriculum.

Rather than focusing on the underlying ideological or organizational aspects of terrorism, TAP will look to inculcate a heightened state of awareness in today’s school-aged children in order to increase their ability to prepare for and react to the widest variety of threats at home, in the classroom, and throughout their interaction with our increasingly-dangerous world.

Iphone with TAP

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