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CTR MockupThe Counterterrorism Review serves as the Institute’s flagship scholarly publication, and provides a forum for peer-reviewed academic and professional articles, notes, and reviews related to the broad field of counterterrorism.

Submissions are subjected to a rigorous peer-review process including initial manuscript selection, fact-checking, review by professionals and scholars in the relevant field, edits, and final approval prior to publication to ensure the highest standards of integrity, quality, and value are maintained throughout each volume.

The Counterterrorism Review  will publish between one and three volumes per year; one of which will be a special edition focusing on a particular area of interest to the counterterrorism community. Upon publication, each volume will be available in print and digital formats for use across a wide array of document readers and devices.


George V. Motakis, JD, LLM


The Counterterrorism Institute is pleased to announce the selection of George V. Motakis, JD, LLM to serve as Editor-in-Chief of the Institute’s peer-reviewed, scholarly publication, The Counterterrorism Review.

Mr. Motakis joins the Institute following service as Managing Editor of The Homeland & National Security Law Review at Western Michigan University. Prior to this most recent post, George has served the Law Review as its Publications Editor. His education includes a Juris Doctorate and a Master of Laws (LLM) in Homeland and National Security Law from Western Michigan University’s Cooley Law School, a Bachelor of Arts in Classical Civilizations and Hellenic Studies from New York University, and he is awaiting conferral of a second LLM in Criminal Law from Western Michigan University.

The Counterterrorism Institute is fortunate to have Mr. Motakis aboard to spearhead The Counterterrorism Review’s mission of providing timely, high-quality, peer-reviewed scholarly resources in support of greater understanding and awareness in the fight against terrorism.

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